What people are saying about Greytnaturals.


Frankincense Face Moisturizer

I'm in love with this face moisturizer!!!! It is the best!!! I use it everyday, twice a day.


Rosemary Botanical Toner

I never knew why people used toner, because it always made my face feel dry and tight. Your rosemary toner makes my skin feel hydrated and soft. I will never be without it again!


Soothing Vanilla Cedar Pet Shampoo

The pet shampoo makes the dogs (fur) coat and skin feel so soft. It shines beautifully. The bonus is how good they smell. One of the dogs has battled a skin issue all her life, she would scratch until she drew blood. The vet put her on a medicated shampoo, it helped some, but the scratching continued. We started using Greytnaturals pet shampoo and now she is comfortable.


Botanical Pain Relief Lotion

I think you should patent it! I use this lotion daily on my shoulder and my hands.

Peg Brockman

Botanical Pain Relief Lotion

I have been using Greytnaturals pain relief lotion for my fibromyalgia and it is helping. Thankful for that cream!


 Wonder Gel

Your products have made life a lot nicer. I love working in the yard and the bugs love me! Yesterday, I itched and stung all over my upper body. I tried a lotion that I have been using for a number of years, but the itching and stinging continued. After about an hour blisters started forming. I applied Wonder Gel and after a couple of minutes my discomfort went away. After an hour or two I noticed the blisters had disappeared. Wonder Gel is Wonder-ful!


Wonder Gel

I've tried several different Greytnaturals products so far & have been very pleased with the results overall. For example, the Wonder Gel is one of my favorites as it is very beneficial for more than just bug bites. I've used it on a skin irritation on my neck that nothing else seemed to help with & it did! I love the lemony fragrance too...

Laura Miller

Greytnaturals website  

It was a pleasure getting to speak with you today - as I said on the phone it is always great when I get to chat with someone who is taking time and care to ensure that their store looks as crisp and professional as possible. I know, as a customer myself, just how important first impressions are for a store and you really are on the right track here :)

Michael K.(shopify guru)