About Greytnaturals


Find a need and fill it. Isn’t that where all great inventions start? Greytnaturals fills the void I found when searching for natural, chemical and fragrance free, home and health care products.


I am Willie Rose. For almost 20 years, I’ve battled Lyme disease along with various other ills and ailments. Early on, I had a choice; I could either laugh or cry. I chose laughter; it helped.


Engineers solve problems. I’m a mechanical engineer by trade but this disease “retired” me for a long while. I’d say I was in the Refiner’s fire. Since I have greatly recovered and survived, I know the Lord has “re-fired” me. I applied my problem solving skills in a new direction.


Years of medical treatments compromised my immune system leaving me allergic to many synthetic fragrances and chemicals. I wanted to understand what chemicals are dangerous to our health so I quested to learn more about the ingredients used in commercial products. I also began studying and experimenting with safe and healthy alternatives. I began making my own skincare and home cleaning products. Sharing them with family and friends brought encouragement and support to create this company.


The name, Greytnaturals, has a story too. I rescued a retired, racing greyhound named Scotty. As I was going through the adoption process, I read and heard unsettling things about the treatment of these dogs at the racetrack. Scotty was a gentle, goofy dog that was a superb athlete. When he ran, it was a beautiful sight. The greyhound rescue community has a loving nickname for these dogs; it is “greyt” hounds, pronounced “great.” Greytnaturals is dedicated to helping these wonderful greyhound rescues receive loving homes. Greytnaturals donates a portion of our proceeds each year to Project Racing Home in Randleman, North Carolina, www.getagrey.com.


May you find at Greytnaturals compassion, encouragement and hope. May you also find our homemade, natural, plant-powered products. Keep yourself, your loved ones, your home, and even your pets well cared for by using Greytnaturals.